They call you heroes, adventurers, privateers, and sometimes worse things… mercenaries, pirates, grave robbers. It doesn’t matter what they call you though, because you’ve seen some of the wonders and horrors of the world, and you yearn for more. That yearning is a part of you, and each adventure is another chapter in your personal saga, as you come ever closer to your goals. You see, everyone in your occupation is searching for something, be it power, faith, wealth, magic, knowledge, divine favor, immortality, the list is as limitless as ambition itself. You may not even know what it is yet, but your occupation is all the proof anyone needs to figure out that you would be restless living any other way. You would be incomplete, lacking that one thing which could make you whole. And so the adventures continue…

In your travels you’ve heard of distant kingdoms which forbid your kind, and now a call for help has come from such a place. Once again you prepare the items of your tradecraft and set out for adventure… will you find new wonders in a faraway land, or new horrors?

The Setting

You have been hired by a powerful council of kings and merchants to act as their negotiators and, if necessary, their enforcers. The very world is changing within the Crescent Valley, finding the Many Kingdoms within unprepared and panic-stricken. If negotiations fail war will eclipse diplomacy and your function will change, be prepared to lead an entire alliance to war!

The Crescent Fall